The Bishop - A Novel

"After years of successfully providing educational and recreational programs for numerous underprivileged pre-teen and teenage boys, the secrets, lies and deceptions that Bishop Sullivan B. Kirk has worked hard to shield from everyone, is now about to destroy his well-ordered and successful lifestyle; and, possibly, land him in jail. Two of his most trusted young followers, now of the age of consent, have come forth to announce that they have been sexually abused by Bishop Kirk since they were young boys in the Bishop's care. And they have hired one of the city's most formidable attorneys to sue the Bishop for a huge amount of punitive and financial damages."

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Reference: The Bishop
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Colored Waiting Room

Early one Monday, Officer Patton sat clinging to a small piece of paper as Alberta came around the row of file cabinets leading to the back storage area. His curiously angered face told her something bad had happened.

"What's wrong?" she asked..

He handed the paper to Alberta and sat in perfect silence. A small vein jumped at his temple. Alberta glanced at the paper, looked up and asked, "What are these symbols and equations?"

What was this to have made him so angry? The paper contained a formula or equation in bold lettering: 1BM + 1BF - 1R + 240D = ANOW.

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Colored Waiting Room book cover design by: Walter W. Williams, MD, Atlanta, GA